Monday, June 5, 2017

And still counting (10,495-10,517)

coffee to drink while it's still warm
sunshine returned
homonyms in watercolor
Her tea to my tee (not shown)

Pear vs pair (not shown)

sleep bingeing
her tooth, out
that man of mine

the band she got to hear
potato chips and chocolate for her
a field, cut

thoughts on catching up with friends
a huge stack of books to read

more books in the mail
my current station

food in the fridge
encouragement by text
how the sky light brightened her eyes when she looked to treetops for pine cones
running into a former bible study leader

talks with Lori
summer blue outside the window
the folks on the video team

a frog named Survival
watercolors, watercolors everywhere
house guests
Haley and Comet

wine night

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