Monday, June 26, 2017

And still counting (10,566-10,598)

frog song at night
bird feeders full
baffled squirrels
afternoon thunderstorms
a trusty hound at my feet

dozen a day piano practice
a school table, nearly cleaned
a sleep-in morning
a last week of dance
bathrooms cleaned and laundry done

beautiful (stunning! gorgeous! captivating!) sunsets on the ride home
coffee at the table with a friend
books on order for a next school year
errands with my girls
good friends

a full fridge
black raspberries in the field
Erin and Abigail, bounty hunters snacking along the perimeter
66 Books
chocolate coffee with Lanie

a neighbor who checked on me out in the field when I sat on the tractor
Anita and David

Marshall's Mom
the scripture box from a kindred
her written prayers over me, a blessing still and always
red wine
a pot of coffee

flowers for dancers
their biggest smiles
for family and friends who came to celebrate their hard work

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