Wednesday, June 28, 2017

When it feels perfect

Gorgeous temperature. Beautiful sky. And a day she'd planned for weeks now. Erin wanted to celebrate her doll's birthday with a poetry tea and invited a special friend and her dolls to join. She even mailed an invitation.

Tuesday morning, we made mini chocolate cupcakes. I had Trader Joe's meringues in the cabinet. I put out grapes and watermelon. I made a cauliflower soup with parmesan crisps. There was lemonade and black currant tea. And there was beauty provided by wonderland.

Erin helped me set up in the field under the walnut trees. She helped me carry down the benches (my dad gave me) and wicker chairs. She spread out the tablecloth. We got a wagon and covered it in hot pink burlap for the dolls.

Her friend Abigail arrived and we went down to the field. We served ourselves plates of food and poured tea and lemonade. We ate and enjoyed the beautiful weather. And then we talked about poetry. And then the kids got the books and started reading out loud. Even Erin, who just Monday was in tears at being recorded reading for the reviewer (which I hadn't sent yet; replaced it with her twittering laughter and gaiety), was now laughing and giving great voice to poetry--likely fueled by too many mini cupcakes. I don't care. It was a beautiful, freeing moment.

Abigail asked questions about our poetry tea times and we told her she didn't have to memorize a poem and she could pick as many as she liked. She liked this approach compared to the classroom. I nodded. This is freeing.

(I am so thankful for the resources I stumbled upon last spring--they've shaped our home and homeschool--Sarah Mackenzie's Teaching From Rest; Julie Bogart and her Bravewriter lifestyle and Poetry Teatimes; Charlotte Mason; Pam Barnhill; Ruth Schwenk; Sally Clarkson. While some of our curricula resembles a classical education and co-op influence, we've done away with rush and rigor. Life is so much more than a checklist. I want to enjoy it along the way, and even slow to savor.)

I love how something as simple as cupcakes and a tablecloth transform a snack and school work into something social and rich and meaningful. So much laughter. The light dappled through the leaves. The cake plate, emptied. Kids running barefoot in the field afterwards.

This is why. This is why. There is no place like home.

absolutely clueless about using icing tips

cheesecloth draped over the table until we were ready to eat

everything felt perfect

This was a big deal to Erin--and it became a big deal to me

the view looking up

table manners for fun

Erin has changed a lot this year--so happy for her!

Our chubby little teapot--it's a keeper
Erin and Abigail took off to play while Lanie and I packed up some of the items. Later Erin told me how they'd stop off at the table to refresh on lemonade and tea. My heart couldn't be happier.

Life is a feast.

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