Monday, July 3, 2017

And still counting (10,599-10,630

the Monday after dance season
a full week on slow

chocolate mini cupcakes
flowers in vases
table setting in a field
barefoot kiddos running in the grass
laughter and poetry together

an empty teapot
cauliflower soup
visits with Lori
Christy and kids at the pool
tables on sale

days at home
Rebecca plus nine
frogs in little hands
a snake skin for him to take home

grasses cut
bird song
early morning starts
curriculum in the mail

worship on a Thursday morning
catching sunrises
snoballs and Italian ice

Lisa's homecoming
a bestie, officially homeschooling two

days home
German coffee
red wine
afternoon naps
reading on the couch on a Saturday

blue cheese and steak
that man of mine
lightning bugs
the video team
sunsets through the trees

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