Monday, July 31, 2017

And still counting (10,711-10,745)

a few more books in the mail
grasses cut
that man of mine who puts on a favorite movie for me
school plans coming together
did I mention coffee? Because, yes, that.

clean sheets
good sleep
apples with Michi
and a movie
texts with friends

Becky's offer to help
places for pets
a neighbor out and about
another whose story is uncannily close
quiet spaces

his safety in the accident
home, sweet home
visits with my sister

chats with Tracey
and the ability to take them, thank you, Lord!
books in a pile around me
Andy's prayers and sweet tears

a blue hydrangea in his garden
the way his house smelled when I walk through the door
a roadside stand selling peach
fresh peaches for us
the mountains views

notebooks for .25 each
the video team
a beautiful, sunny day
potatoes with dinner
veggies gifted from a generous neighbor

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