Thursday, July 11, 2013

The difference here makes

It's hard to believe that we're approaching our second year anniversary here.

It's felt like so much longer, life before like another lifetime. Erin was three when she first staked claim to her room, four when she moved here, and celebrated five and six in this house with song and cake. She's on her way to seven.

Lanie learned to swim here. She climbed fences and trees (including the pines), rode her bike down the steep hill, and found freedom to be (we all did).

In life before, it took us ten years to get some things done (mostly trim and painting). But in two years here we have:

  • demolished a dog kennel/fencing and cement pad
  • demolished an outdoor brick grill
  • felled five pines

  • added a play set with border and wood chips 

  • removed a section of fencing
  • thinned out and cleaned up the woods in front and side yards (gifted by David)
  •  began redesigning the front garden with border shrubs, stepping stones, and boundary stones

  • replaced front outdoor lights
  • installed an invisible fence 
  • installed a gate
  • installed garage doors (this weekend)
  • demolished wood panel, blue tile floor, ceiling and beams in the school room

  • put up drywall, wood floor, new ceiling and recessed lights in the school room
  • painted our former kitchen table

  • painted school room, kitchen, powder room, dining room, living room, lower and upper hallway, Erin's room

  • removed living room, dining room and school room curtains (and put up new curtains in living room and, soon, school room)
  • hung pictures (this is actually meaningful for me, as silly and small as it seems)
There's a lot to do, and to keep costs low, we have done the grunt work, installation, and hauling ourselves. Sweat is free. We've watched tons of hours of DIY programming, and now I'm planning next to-do's.

Shane caught my enthusiasm that day when I said, "Let's do the school room!" For a planner like him, that was unexpected. He's not as eager to tackle the kitchen just yet. I'm more like, "Just give me a tape measure and a sledgehammer." You never finish if you never start.

We got a set of Ikea chairs for the school room and I decided to put them together myself. Shane has enough to do! The girls stayed nearby and Lanie said, "Why can't you be like other moms?" And not in approval (not in approval of me). I laughed out loud.


I laughed because I never imagined half of this stuff for myself. I laughed because (before) I didn't know what poison ivy looked like or that snakes can hurl their bodies 1 1/2 times their length or even how to drive a tractor. I laughed because (before) Shane always assembled stuff and painted walls and maintained the yard. And really, it's not about something as trivial as putting together a chair. I never imagined that a decision to move would change everything. It changed my friendships. It changed my marriage. It changed my focus. It changed my children. It changed Shane. It changed me.

I've written a lot about the move and the difference here makes, mostly because it turned out to be a bigger event than I ever imagined. My special thanks to anyone who's read along and tolerated my ramblings on move and change and all that. (I'm sure I'll squeeze in a post or two in the future.) Even deeper gratitude for anyone who has prayed for us, walked with us, caught tears, or sat across from me at Panera and held my hand.

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