Sunday, January 8, 2017



give back, return; to put or bring back into existence or use; to bring back to or put into a former or original state; to put again in possession of something (Merriam-Webster dictionary) 

It was a reading marathon, fireside on the couch. She snuggled close (and how I wished I'd spent all the years with my kids like this, instead of table side). Huddled under a blanket my dad made. I'm so glad ten isn't too old for read alouds and leaning in.

I put a ribbon in the book to hold our spot.

"So what do you think is your favorite subject this year?" I asked.

"Well, I like history and science," she started.

"Yes, you're really good with history. You remember so many details that I've already forgotten chapters away," I replied.

"And science is good because of what we are learning," she continued, "and I like math and reading and spelling--except that part about writing all the words and definitions out because my hand gets tired--and writing and grammar--but grammar is a lot to remember--and piano."

"So, you're kind of saying you like it all?" I stated, more than asked.

I smiled. I didn't expect the response she gave me. I didn't expect that she'd like it all and that it would tumble out of her rapid-fire. This is such a contrast from last year--and a joy that grabs me by the heart.

Thinking on RESTORE. So many considerations. I could hardly look beyond the first steps the path  would lead down when I got the word. It seems heartbreakingly hard. But this part, restoring our home and our homeschool from the hustle and all of co-op--this is a rich reward. Erin is not only learning and loving it, she's thriving--and that's what I want for her.

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