Friday, August 8, 2008

Super Surprise Friday

Erin enjoyed a long playdate with the babysitter. She had a blast.

I took Lanie out for a super surprise trip to the lake. She didn't know what was up, even as we were walking along the trail that led to the pier. Even when she got into the tackle shop where we were going to make our rental, she wasn't sure of the plan. I don't say this to suggest an eager suspense was building in her. I think as each moment passed, she was growing more and more apprehensive. I'm beginning to see, she doesn't like trying new things.

When we got to the dock and were getting our life vests, she starts crying. She wants to go home. Now, SSF is supposed to be a fun thing. But after our last failed SSF breakfast, I decided that since, one day, Lanie won't be the only child along for the fun, she shouldn't be the one calling the shots on the family's behalf. I should. Kidding. I think we should all learn to do something for everyone's enjoyment, even if it isn't our favorite thing to do. We can be flexible. Lanie isn't going to learn flexibility if I run her home everytime she's scared or thinks she doesn't like the plan. And she certainly won't learn what she likes if she isn't exposed to new stuff.

We sat and chatted for a few minutes. I even said a prayer for her to calm her fears, because I think she was just afraid of something new. And then I tried to get her thinking of the paddle boats. They had pink sparkle and purple sparkle boats. We got a purple one.

I actually got her in the boat. And then I paddled us out on the lake. She sat next to me, frowning and arms crossed. I pointed out the ducks and butterflies. We laughed at the ducks with their bottoms in the air. I snapped a few shots. She frowned for all of them, if I ever got her face in them. Mostly, I saw her back.

Halfway through the trip, I caught a smile or two. And when she said something about the next time we come out and ride paddle boats, I thought, score one for Mom! And score one for Lanie, too.

It turned out to be a nice day on the lake.

My legs are sore from paddling, on top Thursday's first day of Couch to 5K. Yeah, sideline people, I did it. Looking forward to Sunday's run.

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