Thursday, September 4, 2008

First day recap

After dropping Lanie off at school, Erin and I did a grocery run. Shopping with one child goes faster and I didn't spend nearly as much as I normally do. Erin amused herself with my cell phone, figured out how to do video and laughed as she video recorded me shopping the aisles. What's next, kiddo, text messaging? She pretended to call Lanie many times.

When we got home, it was just the two of us. We played on the playset, had fun in the sprinkler, and took the afternoon walk to get her to sleep. I had to stop nursing Erin a month ago to prepare for a mammogram this fall. The result is that she has become much clingier to me, must fall asleep on top of me. Walks have worked for afternoon naps and it's good for me to get out in the sunshine.

Picked Lanie up from school. She came outside all smiles, wearing her backpack with a green balloon. Very cute. She stopped short of my car and just stared at me. So I jumped out (rather immodestly, still in bathing suit ... and shorts.) and just scooped her up in my arms. She was happy, but she didn't want to let go. I got her settled in the car and heard what a great day she had.

She learned "Itsy, Spitsy Spider" in Spanish (she has always said it that way!), saw friends at lunch, played outside for awhile, and voiced her apprehension to me of next week's activity of making quesadillas. "The teacher is going to make it with water and flowers. And then she puts cheese on it. I'm not going to eat it, though, because I don't like flowers."

"I'm pretty sure she'll use flour. Like we do when we make cookies and bread. Probably not flowers."

"Oh, ok then."

When we got home, she wanted to play in the sprinklers, so we did. She had two crying moments in the evening, but they were really brief and only surfaced when she felt frustrated at getting her clothes turned into the right side. I think she was just working out nerves from the day.

I got a big packet of mail from the school, including a daily sheet from the teacher detailing what they did that day. What a fabulous first day! We start homeschooling in our new books today. Hurray!

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