Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First day of school

I woke Lanie up at 7:15 this morning. She had forgotten it was a school day. When I told her it was time to get ready for school, she was all smiles and jumps. She got dressed, cheerfully posed for pictures, ate some breakfast, and we were out the door.

Shane met me at school. We walked her in. She sat with her classmates in the auditorium/sanctuary. She looked so tiny in the chair, in that big room. I didn't think I would get emotional, because I'll be homeschooling her three of the five school days. So I'll see plenty of her. But seeing her tiny body sitting in the front row, her backpack on, her face uncertain but brave--just tugged a bit at my heart.

I hugged her close, "I'll be praying for you all day. And I will be thinking of you." She hugged me tight, her fingers scratching at my arm a bit--her only outward sign of nerves. I stayed in the back of the auditorium during morning prayer and devotion. I watched her walk off with her class. Love you, Lanie.

I told her last night as I tucked her in, "I'm so very proud of you. You have a wonderful heart and a sweet soul. You make me so happy. I am so proud of you to be going off to kindergarten tomorrow. And I can't believe the day is here already. You are so big." She smiled her halo smile at me ... the kind of smile where her teeth sparkle little stars and she looks so proud.

I'm excited to hear how her day went. What a great start to a new season of her life. Thanks, God!

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