Thursday, September 4, 2008

Summer pix

Lanie picking berries. Erin picking berries. Lanie on swing in summer.

Making chocolate chip, white chip cookies. Cookie monster love. Erin's ready to ride.

Play-doh. Big backyard. Summer sliding.

Shane's goatee--Lanie called his whiskers "spikes." Goofing around with camera. Erin playing.

Hoping you enjoyed the last days of summer. As much as I love all the season has to offer, I am looking forward to fall and jeans, sweaters, pumpkin food and apple cider.


Sharon said...

Hey there, and thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Can I just say that I L-O-V-E your picture of Lanie's feet on the swing?! And you say you're not creative?? About the fear factor party, I just surfed the internet for different ideas under that topic -- there's LOTS out there! We did simple, silly stuff, like cold spaghetti for "intestines", and blueberry jello with cottage cheese mixed in for "brains". Hungry yet? =) Drop by again, and enjoy your weekend!

Courtney said...

Thanks for the tips!

The swing picture is one of my favorites!


Anonymous said...

Lanie on the swing is so evocative of childhood - you could enter it as a contest picture. Love it! PETE

Courtney said...

Pete, that's one of my favorite pictures. I don't find myself particularly skilled at photography, but once in a while, I take a shot of something that I just love. Shane, however, has no talent in composition--not even accidentally. None whatsoever. I have now revoked any and all picture taking responsibilities from him. One of these days, I'll show you just how bad he can get.