Monday, June 6, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (1781-1825)

for the moment (and those that lead to it) a year ago today that changed my life
strawberries from our garden
her little hands, juice stained and sticky
strawberry summer cake
better days

sandy beach
fish kisses on feet
cookies to share
the bluest sky
a Coke for the ride home

heavy sleep
friends over to play
book lists and summer reading programs
a sturdy tote bag

Erin's tears
her nighttime prayer (thankful for Mommy, please don't ever let her die)
her heart
that kind of love
strawberry stains on her shirt

tall grasses wagging in the wind
cool mornings and long sleeves
aloe vera gel
pony tails and braids
giggles on swings

French vanilla coffee
sprouty grass
a reply from Japan
glimpses of him in his daughter's face
Princess puzzles

helpers in the garden
sugar snap pea tendrils clinging and climbing
the writers on 66 Books
good soup (chicken tortilla)

Aimee's prayers
her hug and smile
the smell of mint on my fingers
kids in the garden
pennies and dimes on the ground for little scavengers to find

holding his hand when it's too much
sharing a cinnamon crunch bagel with Erin, rather she shared with me
a tall book stack
a park walk with Toni
summer smells on kids

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