Friday, June 3, 2011

Surf's up ... a link list

The various states of mind of mine that I would stash these links away for future surfing. Personally, I'm surprised there isn't more chocolate involved.

Flower pot cake. A la Martha Stewart. I wonder how many hearts her ideas have made happy.
Balsamic roasted red potatoes.
Candied popcorn.
Chicken, sausage, asparagus, mushroom, pasta.
Roasted butternut squash lasagna.
Individual baked eggs. Jodie made these for the worship team, and they gobbled them all up.
Bacon quiche with cream cheese. Because I repeatedly have to search for it and always forget to write it out.
Quiche motherload

Friendship, encouragement.
Weighing words.
Grace on a bad day.
Knowing him, not the plan.

Miscellaneous mind wandering:
All this and the kitchen sink.
Or a door knob.
School lunches around the world.  

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