Thursday, November 20, 2008

The reading list

There are so many good books on the market. I have to rush past book tables at the store. Or avert my eyes from beckoning shelves--even the grocery store has a significant book section. I don't dare visit ... often. Today before Lanie's dentist appointment, I went into a Christian bookstore for the sole purpose of getting something pretty for my kitchen, you know, like something for the walls. I walked out with 2 VeggieTale movies (for the kids), a VeggieTale board book (for Erin), and three books (for me).

I have an in-basket on my desk, full of great books I mean to read. And on the bookshelves behind me, I can say I've probably read half of them a long time ago, about ten percent recently, and most need to be reread or just plain read. I'm drowning in books.

I suppose what I need to do is prioritize my reading list and my time. I would love to form a book club because then I would have deadlines to meet. And discussion groups to help cement concepts in my mind. I am so guilty of reading books and almost immediately forgetting what they're about. But it would have to be a book club slash playdate. And the books wouldn't be the fun fiction best sellers. It's the non-fiction stuff, historical, analytical, Biblical, soul-searching stuff. I wonder how many people actually care for this type of study or introspection. Especially people who want to come to a group with others and talk about it.

Anyway, not one for New Year's resolutions ... I do feel the necessity to publicly announce that I resolve now to not buy another book for myself, no matter how good the sale, no matter how good the jacket, no matter what--for the next year. Yes, until the end of 2009. Yes, I said it. For those of you who know me, or have helped me move, you know how many books I have, and how much books mean to me. So, this is big.

If I win books from other bloggers or receive books as gifts ... that doesn't count.

I will even (try to) curtail library rentals for myself in hopes of making a dent in my own collection.

Does anyone else have this problem? Am I the only one with an over-ambitious book appetite who's short on time and memory?


Amy Storms said...

Well I came over to compliment you on your ability to be thankful even on the way to the dentist! :)...But now, I'm leaving convicted about my books. I have tons, too, and many that I've NEVER read. Ever. They just looked good, or were gifts that I never got to, etc. The thought has crossed my mind before that I shouldn't buy more until I've read the ones I have!--but of course I've never followed through. So here goes. I'll join you. No book-buying in 2009. YIKES.

Good thing I just joined that Thomas Nelson blogger thing so they'll send free books. Ha! :)
And as far as books-as-gifts are concerned, do you suppose it's tacky if we ASK for Barnes and Nobles gift cards for Christmas? :)

Thanks for the accountability on this. (Grrr.)


jodie said...

Okay, Courtney...that seals it! We ARE soulmates! I'm right there with you on everything you said (well, except the playdate thing since I don't have kids). My book pile is a mile high. Same genre as yours...non-fiction. I've successfully reduced my TV watching so I would commit to read more. Unfortunately, I simply replaced the TV with my laptop. I would LOVE a book club for accountability but I don't have any margin in my life to add another meeting. HEY! We should create a blogging book club!!! (Or is that my way of trying to justify my laptop addiction).
I'm with you and more buying until my entire pile has been read.

Courtney said...

Ha! Jodie, you're a riot! Glad to find you on facebook.

Amy, didn't mean to send you away feeling convicted! You know ... amazon has a wish list you can make public. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

What's the purpose of this resolution? Maybe the books you didn't read just aren't relevant to your life any more... or outdated... or just a rehash of the same ideas. Why arbitrarily deny yourself the opportunity to read a new book that attracts you just because you have a bunch of unread others?

Perhaps the unread others, like last year's clothes, could be donated to those who have little. My soapbox speech for the evening...


Courtney said...

Hey Pete,

I'm there with you, sort of. I have given at least half of the books I used to have away b/c they weren't relevant to my current interests. I'm all for sharing books. The ones I have are the ones I really want to read. I just haven't yet because one thing or another. Fortunately, all those good books that are sure to call to me in the coming year will still be there the year after. And then I'll read them. I really just want to catch up on the ones I have.