Monday, December 22, 2008

Cookies for breakfast

Yesterday I hosted a Christmas luncheon and cookie swap. Yummy. I downsized my list this year to be able to focus more on each guest, and I'm glad I did. For me, it was a cozy afternoon.

Salad greens with walnuts and dried cranberries
Cream of crab soup
Broccoli cheddar soup
Tomato, basil, mozzarella paninis on olive oil and rosemary artisan bread
Cheesecake cupcakes

This is a fancy way of saying we had salad, soup and grilled cheese sandwiches! It's all how you present it.

A friend also made snickerdoodles. It's the first I've ever had a duplicate. In order to push my cookies, I reminded guests that mine were called The Best Ever Snickerdoodles, in fun, of course. Hers were way better than mine! I ate some of hers for breakfast today.

I was immediately drawn to the peanut butter and kisses cookies since I only eat them once a year, if I'm lucky. I cannot seem to make them well myself, but I love it when someone else does. I didn't eat these for breakfast today. I'm saving them for lunch.

These little cupcakes were too cute. And very good. My favorite was the coconut lime. It was like eating a pina colada cupcake. My girls were all over them.

I didn't even taste everything that was brought. I told myself yesterday that the diet starts today! That was before I realized that chocolate mint sandwich cookies are the perfect chaser to oatmeal and orange juice. (Don't tell my kids. They are not getting cookies for breakfast.) But the diet starts soon!


Karen said...

Lovely party Courtney. I woke up thinking about that "grilled cheese". Could you ask Shane...can food be an idol?

jodie said...

i'm drooling

oh maybe it's the headache I woke up with this morning

Courtney said...

Karen, you're a hoot! I felt guilty eating one for lunch today. I felt like you should have been here with me!

Jodie, I hope you start feeling better soon! Hugs.