Friday, December 5, 2008

Purpose ... ?

I subscribe to a few blogs. Ok, twenty-eight of them. And a lot of them have some definite reasons for being: home school information; being thrifty; a lot of blogs by Christians who provide thought-provoking looks at life and scripture; sometimes a blog is just outrageous and keeps me coming back out of curiosity. But one blog I read today mentioned how to have a good blog. She started off with purpose. What's the point of your blog?

What's the point of my blog? ...

Oh. So maybe "occasional thoughts of a wife and mom whose hands are busy and heart is full" doesn't sound purposeful, but it is descriptive. Perhaps if I had more purpose in my blogging, I wouldn't have lost my only subscriber. Yeah, that was a sad day for me when I checked out bloglines and saw my only subscriber had left me. It was like a break-up that leaves you feeling unsettled.

"It's me, isn't it. It's not you, it's me."

So not everyone cares that Erin is obsessed with Bob the tomato, or that Lanie is afraid of nearly every breathing creature under the sun, or that Shane likes to sneak up behind me and make goofy faces while I'm striking vanity poses doing self portraits for my blog. From time to time, I discuss the latest news and possibilities for mass destruction ... ok, I only did that once. I guess my blog is mostly about me and this life. It's the stuff I'd tell a friend over the phone, which is a lot of blah, blah, blah and then an occasional something wonderful. Or two. Except it would take a lot longer, and there'd be a lot of: "Lanie, I'm on the phone" or "Erin, don't hit your sister!" And by then, I'd forget what I was saying anyway.

My purpose is maybe stepping up to the canyon's edge to whisper, "I'm here." Maybe that's not enough in itself to accumulate mass fans, but that's ok. Because it never was my purpose. Thanks to all who were able to hear me out of this loud, echoing canyon of people vying for your attention. Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back.


Karen said...

I just never took the time to figure out how to subscribe. When I am home...I hop on your blog more than once a day to hear what's up. It is like talking to a friend on the phone...without the constant interruptions. (But the girls are generally looking over my shoulder to check in with Erin and Lanie!)

Gotta go...a fight is brewing in the kitchen!

Courtney said...

Karen, I'm so glad you come by! I always keep you in mind when I post so that I'll try to keep it interesting and post more often.

jodie said...

I don't subscribe either but I check my blog community constantly (addictive personality). I DO care that Erin is obsessed with Bob because I think it is absolutely adorable (I'm in her class tomorrow night so I hope to see her!!!) And I believe your blog's purpose is to exhibit your incredible writing talents to the Serve Director of this awesome church I know so she can ponder how your gift can be utilized to influence people to find and follow Jesus!!! I know for a fact that she's intrigued and trying to figure out how to tap into your talent!

Courtney said...

Jodie, I'm flattered. And humbled ... because I never imagined/considered using writing to serve. I still need to get in for one of those gifting sessions!

5intow said...

Hm, I subscribe to your blog, but through Reader, maybe you have a bigger audience than you think it just doesn't show up in Bloglines?

Sorry it took me a while to get back on this post I think I was gone when you posted this. I read it but only had access to this dinky computer keyboard that I could not even begin to type on!


Courtney said...

I hope you're right, Erin. Because it's nice to think I'm not the only one stopping by here! Thanks for adding me to your reader.