Monday, April 30, 2012

One thousand gifts and still counting (2901-2935)

boursin mashed potatoes
a train rumbling past the windows of the restaurant
dinner out with grown-ups
a sleepy child secretly waiting up for our return
island coconut coffee pods

birdsong in the morning
grace on sleep-empty days
a delicious aroma of scented candles in the car
a friend with good gift-giving instincts
an open Friday

coconut muffins
good rains
longer daylight
gardens of lilies
an impromptu visit with old neighbors

Amy's friendship
windy days for warm kitchen talks
helicopter seeds
wine bottle candles

dinner with Linda
her birthday song
a little boy's delight of vanilla scented bathroom
easy tears
the story of friends like sisters

surprise birthday parties
celebrating loved ones
a last-minute babysitter
(oh, those mashed potatoes)
three desserts when I just wanted a taste

aging faces of infrequently seen friends
Joel in the driveway
her smile in Uncle Jeff's arms
an expecting friend
a good homeschool review

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