Friday, July 25, 2008

Super Surprise Friday (bust edition)

Last night I told Lanie not to change out of her pajamas when she woke up in the morning. Instead, I woke Erin up shortly after Lanie woke up and the kiddos and I went on our surprise mission in pajamas (mine really being what I wore yesterday and fell asleep in).

Now, don't start thinking that McDonald's is a regular part of our lives or diet. But when I was thinking what might be fun for a kid, having breakfast out in pajamas sounded good. And since there is no reasonable place within reasonable driving distance from our house, my choices were McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts. I figured she'd stand a pretty decent chance of having a better breakfast at McD's, so that's where we went.

As I pulled up in the parking lot, Lanie asks, "McDonald's?"

"Yep!" I said, pretty pleased with myself thinking that she would think I was the coolest and most original mom ever. But instead, I was far from it.

"I only eat the same things at McDonald's, Mom," she says cautiously. Was she wondering if she'd have chicken nuggets for breakfast?

"They have breakfast stuff here. You can get pancakes--"

"I don't like pancakes." For the record, yes she does.

This was the SSF bust. We went home instead. I made breakfast here and we're still ironing out the bumps of a bad mood--both of us! So, not every SSF turns out the way you expect or hope. Still, it's a beautiful day. I'm sure we can make the best of it!

Thanks to Christy and Ashlyn, we were able to enjoy donuts with sprinkles when they super-surprised us during a playdate today. You know, I had prayed God's blessing on our house and our family today. Sometimes blessings come by the dozen. Thanks!

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