Thursday, July 31, 2008


Lanie and I were cuddling together on the floor while Erin played nearby. I held Lanie close and said, "We used to do everything together all the time."

She looked wistful.

"Why don't we do that anymore?" I asked. I was thinking it was because whatever I suggest, she suggests the exact opposite. Her answer surprised me.

"It's because that silly, clumsy Erin came along. Why did she come here?" she said this matter-of-factly.

"Because God gave her to us. And she's not silly and clumsy." I did say this lovingly. And I know that Lanie adores Erin, and Erin adores Lanie. They do grumble over toys ... and who gets to sit in my lap ... but all day long they do stuff together and the house is filled with squeals of happiness and laughter.

Still, when Lanie said this, and it's not the first time she expressed her world came to an end because of Erin, I couldn't help but think of a woman I know whose kids are adults and the oldest still blames the youngest as the sole cause of her life's unhappiness. I hope that my kids don't feel that way about each other.

"You two are going to be best friends. When you guys are older and have babies of your own, Erin will be your best friend!" I encouraged.

"You're my best friend, Mom. And when I'm a mommy, you'll still be my best friend. Forever."


5intow said...

How sweet! I'm sure they'll be best friends when grown. I have a sister that I wasn't close with much growing up, but now that we have children we have a much closer relationship.

Anonymous said...

You are my favorite sister. Your kids are cool too.

Courtney said...

5intow: I have a sister I wasn't very close to in age, but I love her dearly. So there's hope!

Anonymous: I'm glad you're that sister.