Monday, May 18, 2009


Lanie graduated kindergarten today. It was a sweet show. Poetry readings, songs in Spanish, question and answer time, sign language, art display, condensing a year's worth of memories into an hour presentation. The kids were all excited to leave kindergarten behind and move on. I was feeling ready to move on too, feeling over the school year myself after our review with the county. But I suppose as Lanie enters first grade in the fall, I will remember her first day going into kindergarten and wonder where the time went. I will think of how big she is and how grown up she's becoming.

Years ago, I never would have imagined myself to be a homeschooling mom. So it surprised me that we'd even consider it, and it surprised me more that we were going to do it. Homeschooling went from being a last resort for us to first choice. In our first year, I have no regrets. Lanie has enjoyed the split between academy and homeschool. She thrives in the small classroom environment. At home, she is self-motivated to work. We have easy days. We have goofy days. We have frustrating days. We have days where we both grumble through the load. And it's on these frustrating and grumbling days that I'm actually most thankful to have her at home, so that we can tackle issues head on, whether through talks or cuddles or prayer. Homeschooling has been a very good choice for us.

Erin is growing up too. At two and a half, she's already interested in what her peers are up to. So when some friends were scootering along, Erin had to give it a shot and she was hooked. We got her scooter today. Shane assembled it and she was off. First across the kitchen floor, then out to the world. She wanted to go for a walk and scooter along beside me, just like her big sister always does. Go, Erin, go. As cute as she is outfitted in her helmet and pads, scootering beside me like such a big girl, there's a part of me that wants to scoop her up and say, "Slow down! It's not a race!"

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