Saturday, May 16, 2009

Super surprise

Last summer, in desperation, I coined the term Super Surprise Friday to rid our home of summer doldrums. Then, every Friday I planned a new activity (it could have been a playdate, a treat, a special outing to the movies, petting zoo, park), kept it a secret till that morning (or sometimes until we were there), and prepared for loads of fun. It wasn't always fun, despite my best intentions, because sometimes it's hard planning an activity that meets fun expectations.

Lanie's finished with the academy next week. In fact, after last night's school Spring Program, we are looking forward to Kindergarten Graduation on Monday and Field Day on Wednesday. I'm thinking ahead to summer plans now and wondering if I should try to recreate a Super Surprise day. I'm thinking yes.

On really hot days, what's not to like about sprinklers with friends, a run to the snowball stand, or an afternoon movie in a cooled theater?

On a low humidity day, wouldn't it be fun to pick berries at the local pick-your-own farm and then bring home the bounty for fun with whipped cream or muffins? How about a bike ride on a local trail, a walk through the woods to discover new things, or do I dare attempt another trip to the petting zoo?

Rainy day forecasts could be great days for popsicle stick crafts, tie dying, a build-your-own ice cream sundae, indoor picnics with friends, rollerskating in the basement!

I'm excited about the possibilities. But then, I always am.

Any suggestions?


Mike said...

HI Courtney,
On a rainy day, (or any day for that matter)you could get a few pots and let the girls plant some seeds - one of my favorites was just eating an apple and planting the seeds - they almost always grow. Apple trees often require more patience then the little ones can muster, though. I would try something simple - like radishes or lettuce (they grow really fast). The girls learn to nurture their charges and gain the reward when the plants sprout and then flower/or are harvested.

Courtney said...

Good idea. I have some lettuce seeds I wanted to try out this summer ... since my herb garden died. Lanie seriously wants apple trees in our yard. Maybe we'll give them a shot too.

Thanks for the tip!