Monday, May 30, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (1729-1780)

The Goodyear Blimp across a backyard sky

Coffee with Gina
Cleaning windows
A woman in Ohio
Heart cravings
A cheery wave from a neighbor

Board games
Bedtime hopes
Her voice over the microphone
Hope achieved
Fear conquered

Sunny skies
Field day
Dodge Ball
The smiles on faces of friends made over three years

Paths crossed
New ventures
Bittersweet goodbyes
Raspberry chocolate truffle flavored coffee

The best group of second graders I've ever met
Being the class mom to lead activities
Hoffman's ice cream to celebrate
Shared tastes of lemon sorbet, cotton candy, tin roof
The season's first splashes through the sprinkler

Sunlight and shadows across the floor as she plays
A bird's nest in the tree
A first strawberry from the garden
Library trips
Book reading on the couch

Summer's yawn and stretch
Weeds to pick
Coneflowers rising
Relief and rest
Smells of charcoal grills

Great songs and a church band that plays loud enough that I can't hear myself shouting
Lanie's smile
Erin loving me best, forever, enough to marry me--until Daddy comes along
Hugging my niece
Squinty eyes like half moons

Holiday cookout
The ice cream truck
A tasty red wine
Second chances
Family love

Giddy girls and puppy love
M&Ms in a dish, just like I remember
Longer days
David and Anita

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